Councillors condemned drivers who park on pavements inconsiderately but suggested they were against a full ban.

Their comments come after a report by the Commons’ Transport Committee called for laws to be introduced to ban people from parking on pavements entirely.

The report by MPs said pavement parking “affects many communities”, especially people who have mobility difficulties or visual impairments.

Pavement parking is currently legal outside of London – except where Traffic Regulation Orders make it illegal to do so. However, the Highway Code advises drivers not to park on the pavement.

The Alliance of British Drivers suggests drivers should leave a minimum of a one-metre width for pedestrian passage.

Deputy mayor at Watford Borough Council, Karen Collett, said it was “morally inconsiderate” for drivers to take up the whole pavement when they park.

She said: “This forces people, including those with disabilities, to walk on the roads. I find that I am dealing with the problem of pavement parking more and more.”

But the Liberal Democrat Councillor for Woodside stressed that despite being in favour of a pavement parking ban, she would not vote for a “full ban”.

She felt cars parking partially on the pavement was “okay” since there is not much parking in the area.

Cllr Collett added: “People need places to park, but if deciding to park on the pavement people should ask themselves ‘can someone get past?’”

“I think drivers should be more aware of their surroundings when they park.”

Labour councillor Asif Khan, chairman at Watford Borough Council, echoed Cllr Collett’s views, but wants to avoid legislation to regulate the issue.

The Leggatts Ward councillor said: “Pavements have always been for people to walk on and roads are for people to drive on.

“When parking on the pavement it makes it really difficult for people, especially those in wheelchairs and with disabilities, to pass who have to go into the road.

“I think drivers need to be more considerate in the way they park, but I would like to avoid using legislation.

“But if it gets to a stage where it affects areas then it should be used.”

Leader of Three Rivers District Council Sara Bedford felt introducing road markings that show where it is safe to park on the pavement would help resolve the issue.

Cllr Bedford said: “If people have to walk into the road it is dangerous.

“I think there are places where parking on the pavement is obstructive and it should be banned, but not everywhere.

“Without parking in some areas, people wouldn’t have anywhere to park.

“I think better road markings would resolve the situation.”

Alex Hayward, Chorleywood North and Sarratt ward councillor at Three Rivers, added: "I think pavement parking is a form of unsocial behaviour. 

"I think we need to look at the supply of parking spaces so that cars are not forced onto the pavement."