Placing two street-lights side by side in Watford is a “waste of money”, a local man has said.

The lights have been sitting in Tolpits Lane for around a year according to Richard Downey, 40, who lives just by the road.

He says he can see the lights from outside his garden and feels that putting them together was “stupid”.

Mr Downey added: “Did the person installing it not think this is not right?

“It’s been out there for a year and nobody has noticed, or they don’t care.

"It is a waste of money as the Government is always going on saying they don't have money."

He also felt that putting the two street lights together is a waste of energy in the area.

Mr Downey continued: “You also have the carbon footprint and the energy efficient side of things and the fact it’s gone on for so long.

“Whose job is it to check on works being done and who signed it off, it is ridiculous.”

But Hertfordshire County Council has said they are working to remove one of the street-lights after it was fitted following a housing development.

A spokesperson from the council said: “Due to a new nearby housing development, a new lamp column has repositioned to replace the existing adjacent column.

“We are waiting for the now redundant existing column to be removed.”