A Miss Swimsuit UK finalist who won the social media awards describes what it’s like being behind-the-scenes as a model.

Yollanda Musa, 27, from Willow Lane, Watford, won the social media awards after competing in the Miss Swimsuit UK finals on September 7 at Spinningfields, Manchester.

Despite not winning the overall competition, Ms Musa was shocked and proud of her social media award, which is granted to the contestant who is most engaging to their followership on their social platforms.

While only having around 3,079 followers on Instagram, with other contestants having thousands more, Ms Musa’s efforts in replying to her followers, commenting on individual questions and giving general tips won the attention of the judges.

In reaction to wining the social media award, Ms Musa said: “I was shocked since I don’t have the highest number of followers. But people have said my profile inspires them, so I have a strong audience even though my numbers aren’t large.

“On the day, I was very active on social media, giving people an insight and showing the behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to be a model.”

Watford Observer:

Ms Musa described the day of the finals as “hectic.” After starting from 9:00am, the models were rushed around Manchester for makeup and taken to various locations for photoshoots with the whole finalist’s team.

As contestants from different places in the UK came together, Ms Musa was delighted to see the communal spirit from the contestants. She had only known two other people from her previous competitions and was instantly greeted by other contestants with mutual support.

“We’re all in the same boat, normal girls all trying something new, so everyone was very supportive, we even called ourselves sisters.”

Watford Observer:

For the final event, she decided to wear her colourful and vibrant hummingbird and hibiscus flower themed outfit which she had worn to the 2019 Notting Hill Carnival for the Jamaican Twist float. She decided to reuse the outfit as it had a personal connection to her and the special day of festivities.

Ms Musa previously said that beauty pageants and competitions judge beyond just physical appearance, something which she feels is reaffirmed when receiving the social media award when competing with pageants with higher followers.

While also working as a business support manager at Watford General Hospital, the model said that she has received tremendous interest and support by her colleagues. It makes her laugh that her colleagues expect her to have a strict diet regime, when she instead often eats care-free.

Ms Musa hopes to continue her social media activity and is already planning to enter a fashion show on September 20.