A smelly mess has been left at a bus stop after poo was smeared all over it.

The Cross bus shelter in Maple Cross had to be closed off due to the state it was left in.

The 520, 724, 951 and W1 buses are all still stopping at The Cross in Denham Way, although people cannot stand underneath the shelter until the poo is cleared up.

Photos taken by Sam Lambert, 28, today show the excrement had been left on the bench at the bus stop, as well as over the timetable and electronic departures board.

Mr Lambert, from Maple Cross, said this could affect people’s health, “especially elderly people and people with asthma”.

Watford Observer:

The bus stop had to be closed off (Photo credit Sam Lambert)

He continued: “I do feel sorry for elderly people since they have no where to sit.

“There have been a lot of complaints about this.”

Hertfordshire County Council are aware of the incident and contractors are set to clean up the mess that was left.

Police have also been contacted for information.

Watford Observer:

Poo was smeared on the timetable at the bus stop (Photo credit Sam Lambert)

Watford Observer:

Poo left on the electronic board at the bus stop (Photo credit Sam Lambert)