Commuters have faced three weeks of journey disruptions since a 'improved' signalling system was installed.

The Metropolitan Line yet again has seen further severe delays this morning, due to a signalling failure at Baker Street station.

Regular delays have been trickling with the Metropolitan Line ever since a new signalling system was installed which caused a week-long severe delay between September 2 and September 6.

Following the implementation, which TfL stated would help prevent further delays, the Metropolitan Line has seen regular minor and severe delays.

Last evening, minor delays across the line were affected by a faulty train at Baker Street.

At 6:58am this morning, the Metropolitan Line alerted commuters about the signal failure:

Many people took to Twitter to once again express their anger about the regular delays seen on the Metropolitan Line:

Susan Hall, deputy leader of the GLA Conservatives added that Metropolitan Line users are “totally fed up.”

Ms Hall also responded to a complaint about the Metropolitan Line services on Twitter, claiming that when she addressed concerns  of the upgraded line to Sadiq Khan, he “made no apology.”

Other commuters have also noticed the link of consistent signal failures since the new signalling system was introduced.

The new signalling system implemented is part of the ‘Four Lines Modernisation’ programme which aims to transform the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines by 2023.

Modernising these lines have been said to allow 192 modern air-conditioned walk-through S-stock trains, new tracks with improved drainage systems and a new signalling system which will eventually allow trains to be driven automatically.

When the upgrades were issued on the week of September 2, many children were returning back to school, issuing complaints about the timing of the implementation.

A spokesperson from TfL previously clarified that the delays seen three weeks ago were due to the new signal systems running for the first time which “requires a bit of bedding in.”

He said: “The issue is becoming less every day and should be resolved soon. This won’t be a recurring issue for the Met line as we introduce new areas, and once we’ve worked through the next few days, it won’t come back up in this area.”

Regardless, the Metropolitan Line’s Twitter account is now claiming that the current delays are due to adjustments to the new signalling system.