Someone apparently smeared poo all over a bus shelter over fears that a bus service could be lost, the Watford Observer has been told.

The Cross bus shelter in Denham Way, Maple Cross has been unusable since last Friday due to the state it was left in. Poo was left on the bench, timetable and electronic departures board.

A source said they had been told the person responsible had smeared the poo on the bus shelter in protest of bus company Arriva, claiming it “talked bull****, like cow ****”.

The source told the Observer the bus operator is considering cutting the 520 service, which runs between Maple Cross and Watford Junction station.

Arriva was asked to confirm whether the bus service would continue to run via Maple Cross in 2020.

A spokesperson from the bus company said: “We are continuously reviewing local networks, as is standard procedure for bus operators, to ensure provision matches local demand."

The source added some people were worried about losing the service.

They continued: “The main concerns are that people are worried about how people will get their kids to school without the service.

“I think it will also affect elderly people as well since they may not be able to get to any shops.”

Three Rivers District councillor Phil Williams, who covers the Maple Cross ward, called the 520 service “intermittent”.

Cllr Williams continued: “There are periods where the service runs well and when it does not.

“In January and February of this year it was appalling. But despite improving around six weeks ago it became bad again.

“The service has never been perfect and people in Maple Cross are always being let down. It is not fair.”

Hertfordshire County Council were approached over claims that the 520 service could be lost, but the council said it had not been notified of any changes.

Hertfordshire Constabulary added it did not receive any reports after the poo was left on The Cross Bus Stop.

A spokesperson said: “In event that a report is made then it will be subject to our crime triage system before being investigated accordingly.”