Watford Labour Party has expressed their support for the climate strike protests taking place across the world today.

Hundreds of thousands of children joined in on the Global Youth Strike in cities around the globe, calling on Governments to take immediate action on the climate and ecological emergency.

Watford Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Chris Ostrowski, felt the threat of climate change must never be forgotten and supported the day of protest.

Mr Ostrowski said: “I want to express my absolute support for the millions of people taking to the streets as part of the day of ‘Climate Strikes’ across the world.

“With Brexit – and the chaos surrounding it – taking up so much of our time and attention, we must never forget about the existential threat that climate change poses.

“I am pleased that Labour Party is taking the issue seriously; promising a Green Industrial Revolution to tackle the causes of climate change and revitalise our economy with thousands of high-skilled, well-paid jobs in green technology and other sectors.

“We must channel our energy to combat the climate disaster and not allow vested interests to deter these efforts."

Extinction Rebellion UK added that witnessing the “fierce” compassion and motivation of the young was “galvanising”.

Activists from the group joined the strikes in London and held their own actions and performances in support.

Connor Newson, 24, Extinction Rebellion activist, said: “The need for educational reform is critical. Through today’s event we are taking matters into our own hands.

“We are no longer satisfied by asking for change, today we are creating and demonstrating the reform we want to see and acting as an example for educational institutions to take notice and follow suit.

“We stand in solidarity with the youth strikers. We are rewriting our reality to take back control over our future.”