Care home is first in the country to introduce cutting-edge interactive sensory activities, giving residents a blast-to-the-past.

Residents at the Prince Michael of Kent Court, a Watford care home in by RMBI Care Co, has installed two giant tablets, offering residents stimulating interactive sensory activities.

The technology installed, called Yetitablets, allows staff to install various apps which run on Android OS on a massive screen, providing various stimulating apps for residents.

Alan Kempson, 89, who is a resident at the care home, has used a digital drums app to enable him to play the drums once again – since he is now unable to use physical drums. Another resident was able to use a virtual piano.

Tracy Lydon, the activity manager for Prince Michael of Kent Court, said: “Our residents love our new Yetitablets. It’s amazing to see the impact that this technology is having already on their health and wellbeing.

“We are very grateful to our Association of Friends for generously contributing the costs of installing this cutting-edge technology in our home.”

The staff have selected various apps to download as group activities for the home, including using Google Earth for the pensioners to reminisce about the streets and areas they have lived in the past.