An astronomer has masterminded a human sun dial so people in his village can tell the time from their shadow.

Dr Gerard Sheldon, from Kings Langley, had the idea for a human sundial on Kings Langley Common so people can learn about how the earth moves in relation to the sun.

Dr Sheldon was encouraged to follow through on the idea by his wife, singing teacher Mary-Jane de Havas, who wanted it to benefit local schools.

The dial will work when a user stands on a spot determined by the month of the year. Their shadow will then fall towards markers indicating the time.

Kings Langley parish councillor Allan Johnson has since started managing the project and construction company Osborne will be creating the base of the sun dial.

Work has begun and the sundial is expected to be finished in spring next year.

Mrs de Havas said: “There is a lot of excitement from local people.

“It will be a beautiful feature on Kings Langley Common to be accessed by all including schools to enhance their science teaching.”