Brexit party leader Nigel Farage is coming to Watford this month for a rally.

Mr Farage will be at The Langley in Watford High Street on October 10.

Tickets are available now, costing £2.50.

The event will begin at 7pm and run until 8.30pm.

His visit is part of a series of conferences across the UK being held by the Brexit Party, as they campaign ahead of a potential general election.

Mr Farage will headline all of October's events – in Watford, Camborne, and the Queen Elizabeth Centre in the heart of Westminster – under the slogan 'We Are Ready'.

Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice MEP said: "Our September regional conference tour was a roaring success.

"We got outside of the Westminster bubble and helped to give a voice and democratic outlet to thousands of Brexiteers up and down the nation, while politicians in London were conspiring to thwart their votes.

"We will continue holding rallies in the lead up to the October 31st Brexit deadline, which is certain to be missed, to keep the pressure on the government to deliver the Clean-Break Brexit we voted for more than three years ago."

Those who took part in the 2016 EU referendum in Watford voted to leave by 50.3 per cent - the tightest margin in the whole of the UK.

The town's Tory MP Richard Harrington, who is stepping down at the next election, has said he will not support a No Deal Brexit, and he lost his Conservative whip after voting against the government.

Watford's Labour parliamentary candidate Chris Ostrowski has said he will support Remain "in all circumstances" while Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Cllr Ian Stotesbury has been campaigning for a People's Vote - but after the Supreme Court overruled a decision by Boris Johnson to dissolve Parliament, he said he is backing his party's decision to try and scrap Brexit altogether.

William Berry is the town's Brexit party candidate. He is expected to join Mr Farage at The Langley on October 10.

Tickets can be purchased at