A former boxer whose son was fatally stabbed outside a school in 2006 visited a growing boxing club in Watford to educate youngsters on the dangers of knife crime.

Ricky English invited Mark Prince to Frankie's on Watford Business Park for a session last month.

Mark's son Kiyan was 15 when he was stabbed in the heart outside London Academy school in Edgware.

Since his son's death, Mark has dedicated his life to fighting youth crime and knife violence and he received an OBE in March this year.

Ricky relaunched his boxing club as Frankie's in March as well, having faced his own tragedy after losing his two-year-old boy Frankie to foot-and-mouth disease.

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Ricky has hopes to train up the next Anthony Joshua but what is more important to him is keeping youngsters out of trouble.

Ricky said: We've had our 'Drop your knives and pick up your boxing gloves' campaign going all year and we're getting boys in who have previously been in trouble down and off the streets.

"One of our boxers knew Mark and he came down. He told us how silly knife crime is and he said people should join the biggest gang which is boxing.

"Mark getting involved in our campaign is fantastic. You can;t get anyone better than him to talk about an issue like this.

"Mark was someone I looked up to and admired for his bravery and that gave me strength too when I lost my son."

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