While our world-beating capital London has thrived in recent years, the rest of the country in many instances has been left behind.

As the saying goes to Westminster, the rest of the country starts with Watford. And while Watford should be the recipient of the possibilities for opportunity and prosperity that have come to the capital, instead the town is ill-served by differential prosperity.

London's success instead places a strain on public services and housing, it undercuts local workers and leaves young people wondering if they'll ever be able to afford even a single bedroom flat of their own, even with the help of the bank of Mum and Dad (and grandparents) saved up through years of hard work.

Watford, like many towns across the South East and the Home Counties, has seen unmanaged and exponential increases in population in a few short years. Huge blocks of flats have mushroomed in every nook and cranny in a desperate attempt to house an ever-expanding population.

Those in Westminster seem really rather well insulated from the consequences of their polices, which the ordinary people of Watford are forced to live with.

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The warm and bustling town of Watford on the edge of London is fast becoming an over packed new mini-city with gridlocked traffic, over-subscribed schools and a grossly overstretched NHS.

The infrastructure is under tremendous pressure. There's been a recent jump in knife crime and drug-related incidents that local residents can attest was virtually unheard of even in Watford's recent past.

Britain has always been open to immigration has always been a welcoming place and always by and large been a nation that's got immigration right, enriching and rejuvenating our economies and communities at the same time as protecting local workers.

That's all gone out of the window in recent years. We are witnessing the rapid transformation of our old towns without the permission of the inhabitants and the politicians Parliament are doing nothing to prevent it. The people in places like Watford, the West Midlands, South Wales and the North of England are being dragging into a political and economic project that they didn't vote for, didn't consent to and are not benefitting from.

Our political elites in Westminster are resorting to every trick in the book to subvert the will of the British electorate. Watford is one of the most divided constituencies in the entire country, with the referendum vote split almost totally down the middle - but nonetheless it voted to leave.

Regardless of how people might have voted in the referendum, it must be becoming increasingly apparent to most right-minded people up and down the country that this is almost bigger than Brexit now. It's about democracy itself. It's about what sort of country we are and what sort of country we want to be.

Do we want to let a political class in Westminster throw out the principle of loser's consent, the fundamental basis of any civilised democracy? Do we want to be a country where Remain-supporting MPs like Richard Harrington ignore and overrule the will of the Leave voting constituencies ?

Do we want to be a country where a party like the Liberal Democrats, who in their pledge to overturn the referendum result and revoke Article 50 are now neither liberal nor democrat, should have nearly all the councillors in Watford.

The Conservative majority in Watford is currently 2,000. How many of those voters voted Leave? How many voted Leave expecting Boris, despite his bluster, to go and reheat Mrs May's wretched withdrawal agreement?

The Brexit Party, since our inception five months ago, has been thrust into the forefront of the fight, not just for a clean-break Brexit, but for democracy itself.

Only The Brexit Party can save Watford and hundreds of towns like it, by refusing to pay the EU's £39 billion pound divorce bill, by cancelling costly vanity projects like the doomed multi-billion pound HS2 and by reducing and rediverting the foreign aid budget we've pledged an extra £200 billion to invest in the regions.

Watford will stand at the front of the queue. And hopefully you won't have to stand in the queue too long yourselves at the Langley on October 10.

We are coming to Watford. We are coming to listen. To stand up for the people of Watford. We are coming to campaign for not just for the 17.4 million leave voters but for the millions of those who voted remain and believe in democracy.

We are coming to change politics for good. See you in Watford. If you want to join us sign up at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-brexit-party-watford-tickets-74401443721.