A 93-year-old shows the importance of exercise and proves age is not a barrier.

Residents at the Prince Michael of Kent Court, a Watford care home in by RMBI Care Co, have enjoyed working out and showing their activeness with the newly installed outdoor gym so they can enjoy a daily 10-minute exercise regime in the fresh air.

According to research, being active can help maintain cognitive function, reduce cardiovascular risk, help maintain ability to carry out daily tasks and improve mood and self-esteem.

Among those enjoying the new outdoor gym, is Dennis Lownes, 93, who has been ‘shooting hoops’ at the basketball court. He said: “It’s marvellous having this outdoor gym at our home. I’ve always enjoyed exercising, I set my clock for the ten minutes at ten o’clock exercises and never miss a day!”

The installation of the new court came from the funding of the Association of Friends of Prince Michael of Kent Court.

Watford Observer:

Fitbits were also handed out to the elderly at the care home to help them track their steps and monitor their heartbeats. The new gadgets received helps encourage and motivate the active pensioners to use the new facilities and maintain their health.

The coordinator of Prince Michael of Kent Court activities, Tracy Llydon, said: “Our outdoor gym has been a real success so far, with lots of our residents taking part in our new fitness programme.

“One of our gentlemen had done 200 steps in a day – we were thrilled and so was he!”

The Fitbits are not the first bit of technology used to help upgrade the residents wellbeing, as Prince Micheal of Kent Court have previously introduced two giant tablets which provides stimulating sensory activities.