The Prime Minister says only his party is "capable" of getting Brexit done and "hopes the people of Watford will support him".

Boris Johnson was at Watford General Hospital this morning on the back of an announcement that West Herts Hospitals Trust will receive £400m investment across its sites in Watford, St Albans, and Hemel Hempstead - with Watford getting most of the money.

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Watford Observer:

Boris Johnson at Watford General Hospital today. Credit: PA

There was also an opportunity to ask whether he was concerned about the Tories losing their seat in Watford at a general election if he did not meet the October 31 deadline to leave the EU.

Responding to the instance Brexiteers in particular voted elsewhere, Mr Johnson said: "Well that would be very sad.

"It is the Conservative party who are going to get Brexit done and we're the only party capable of forming a government that's going to get Brexit done.

"In fact, we're the only party capable of forming a government full stop."

Watford Observer:

Boris Johnson leaving Watford General Hospital today

Mr Johnson also used the opportunity to plug some of his party's policies which include putting 20,000 police officers back on the street, putting more money into the NHS - which the Prime Minister describes as the "biggest investment in NHS infrastructure in a generation" - and a massive plan to lift up education funding at both primary and secondary level.

He added: "I hope people of Watford support us."

Two of our MP's both lost their Tory whip after rebelling against the government to back moves to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Watford Observer:

South west Herts MP David Gauke. Credit: PA

Watford Observer:

Richard Harrington, MP for Watford

Mr Johnson in particular spoke fondly of Watford MP Richard Harrington - who confirmed last month he would not stand at the next general election.

The Prime Minister said: "I'm very sad about both David Gauke (south west Herts MP) and Richard Harrington. I spoke to Richard obviously this morning because he's the local MP and he's an old friend of mine.

"I campaigned for him in the past in Watford and he's a great Conservative and he told me very clearly this morning that he remains very committed to our party.

"Yes of course its sad that there's been issues over Brexit but the best way to solve it is to get Brexit done on October 31 and that's what we are going to do."