Members at one of Hertfordshire's oldest golf clubs gathered for perhaps the final time to say goodbye to a club "that meant everything".

Bushey Hall Golf Club has closed because the black and white clubhouse is to be demolished for 32 flats.

A new single-storey clubhouse is being built and members have been told they can return in two years time - but with dozens joining new golf clubs, it remains to be seen whether any will return.

Watford Observer:

This clubhouse is going to be demolished

They took to the golf course at the end of September for the final ever Observer Bowl - a competition that has been running since 1927.

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Afterwards, inside the clubhouse, they ate and drank, remembering the good times and those they had lost but were never forgotten.

Every wall is draped in boards of past captains and pass winners of the numerous tournaments that have taken place over the years.

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Captains and tournament winners listed on boards around the clubhouse

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The Observer Bowl winners, which dates back to 1927

Lily Bowe's husband Ted was the former president.

She has been involved in the club since 1975.

Mrs Bowe told us the club meant "everything". It was "her life".

Club secretary Russ Ball said: "It is the end of an era. This club is more of a family than it is a golf club.

"We’ve all gone to different courses but hopefully we’ll be able to return and to continue the family we are. We have lots of memories, good and bad. We remember the people we’ve lost, and we honour the new friends we’ve made.

"Hopefully the owner will honour his commitment to reopen this great club so we can carry on the tradition that has been here for more than 100 years."

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Inside the clubhouse where members sat down as one to remember all of the good times

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Ladies captain Carole Golten joined the club five years ago.

She said: "I had no expectations but I realised after several months everyone was so lovely. We are only a small group of ten. This place is never busy and that is what it is so special."

Helen Tout added: "It is very sad to all go our separate ways. Who knows, we could be back here one day. That would be lovely. This is a really special place."

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A photograph of members of Bushey Hall Golf Club from 1897

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Watford Observer:

Manager Agnes Taylor received a loud cheer when she walked into the bar.

For 19 years, Bushey Hall has been a part of her life.

Looking back over the years, Ms Taylor said: "There have been a lot of changes. When I joined, we had around 500 members. Now we have around 160.

"It has been very challenging sometimes. What makes this place so special is the friendships and bonding.

"I will miss the members. I hope to return."

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