A rescue centre is reaching out to potential pet owners to consider adopting some of its oldest animals who are struggling to find a home.

The National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford takes in stray animals and unwanted pets given by owners who have a change in circumstances.

The animals are looked after by a vet and assessed to see what type of home they would suit best.

But not every dog and cat is lucky enough to find a new home.

The charity has released the profiles of some of its longest residents who are still looking for love:

1. Tia the lurcher

Three-year-old Tia was brought into the rescue centre in August 2017 when she was just one year old.

Two years later, she is still looking for a new home.

Staff at the charity said she might not give the best impression in her kennel as she is excitable but is beautiful, smart, and loves her toys.

She might be shy at first but is affectionate when she knows you.

Watford Observer:

Lurcher dog, Tia, three-years-old photo: NAWT

2. Bonzo the terrier cross

The 10-year-old Terrier Cross is one of the oldest dogs in the kennel. He is a sensitive dog and it takes him a while to get used to new surroundings.

He is easily worried so needs a calm and experienced owner who can help him become more confident and relaxed.

He is looking for a home where he is the only pet so he can take time to settle in.

Watford Observer:

Terrier Cross, Bonzo, 10-years-old. Photo: NAWT

3. Tula

Tula is nine-years old and was given to the rescue centre in January this year as her owner sadly died and the owner’s family were unable to take her in.

She struggled to cope with the kennel but now is quite confident but is very affectionate when she learns to trust you.

She is looking for an experienced owner who will take the time to know her and needs a home with adults, children over 14 and with no other pets.

Watford Observer:

Tula, nine-years-old photo: NAWT

4. Toma

Toma is 11 years old and was brought to the centre in July 2018 as her owner was moving abroad.

She was rehomed in March this year but the family were unable to offer Toma what she needed.

Toma loves to cuddle and play and is looking for a quit home with adults or families with children aged 14 or over and needs space and time to settle in.

Watford Observer:

Toma, 11-years-old photo: NAWT

5. Melys the labrador cross

This eight year-old labrador cross is also struggling to find a home.

She was brought into the centre in July when her elderly owners could no longer care for her.

She is originally from Portugal, where her previous owners found her chained at the end of a garden.

Melys can be nervous around new people but once she is comfortable, she is very affectionate and relaxed.

Watford Observer:

Melys, 8, Labrador Cross photo: NAWT

6. Daisy

Daisy, 10, is a friendly and affectionate cat who loves attention. She loves to be groomed and stroked and needs someone who is at home so she does not get lonely.

She is looking for a home with adults or families with children aged 10 or over. She would also like a home without any pets.

Watford Observer:

Daisy, 10, photo: NAWT

7. Jelly and Scarlett

Jelly, nine, and Scarlett, seven, are an inseparable pair and are looking for a new home together. Jelly is confident and loves his food.

Scarlett is shy and he is afraid of loud noises and sudden movement but will become more affectionate in time.

As Scarlett is shy they are both looking for a quiet and understanding family with adults or children over 12. They would prefer it if there were no other cats or dogs.

Watford Observer:

Jelly (left) 9, and Scarlett, 7, photo: NAWT

8. Charlie

Charlie, 11, arrived in May 2018, and was homed in November. Unfortunately, he was returned in July this year.

Charlie has not taken well to cattery life and finds it stressful so spends a lot of his time hiding.

He is looking for a new owner who will spend most of their time with him.

He will need an adult-only home with people who have experience with cats and would not like to live with other cats or dogs.

Watford Observer:

Charlie, 11, photo: NAWT

9. Pascal

Pascal is a 16-week-old kitten who is nervous and needs someone who will be patient and spend a lot of time with him.

He may hiss at first when he meets you but once he gets to know you, he loves to be stroked and loves playtime and treats.

He hopes to live with adults or families with children aged 12 and over and with no dogs. He might be able to live with another cat if they are gentle.

Watford Observer:

Pascal, 16 weeks-old, photo: NAWT

10. Sidney the bishon frise

The 10 year-old Bishon Frise is timid and is looking for an experienced owner. He came to the centre after he did not get along with other dogs and showed fearful behaviour.

Sidney has a hard time trusting people and needs time and patience.

He loves attention once he knows you and is clever and knows a lot of tricks including begging, 'speaking' and twirling.

He is looking for a home with adults or families who have children aged 16 or over with no other pets.

Watford Observer:

Sidney, 10, Bichon-Frise photo: NAWT

To find out more about the rescue centre, go to: www.nawt.org.uk