One victim was left shocked after being struck twice on the face.

Two separate assaults took place on the Metropolitan Line took on October 8, one of which took place at 4:15pm and a later assault at 4:30pm.

British Transport Police have confirmed they were called at 4:15pm to reports of a teenage boy, 16, being attacked by a man on a train leaving Watford underground station. The victim was left with minor injuries while the man fled the train at Moor Park station.

Shortly after, Matt Pollard, 36, from Chesham, became another victim of assault at Moor Park station on at 4:30pm while he was waiting for the train to head to Watford Station.

The assault happened after Mr Pollard and his nephew, 27, was approached by a man who asked if the two had a cigarette. According to Mr Pollard, both didn’t carry a cigarette and they apologised to the man as they do not smoke.

Shortly before the tube arrived, the man walked up to them again to request for a cigarette. Once the two commuters explained they do not have a cigarette, the man seemed to react negatively to the answer.

Once the tube arrived, Mr Pollard was struck on the back of the head and his coat was grabbed by the man, preventing him from getting on his carriage.

While the tube doors were still open, Mr Pollard was able to break free and enter the tube. The man followed to then strike the front of Mr Pollards face.

In reaction to the events, he said: “I was shocked, I can’t really put words to it other than I was mortified that something like this could actually happen.”

He added: “A lot of people saw, no one really helped out.”

Immediately after the incident, he spoke to staff at Moor Park station and contacted the British Transport Police to investigate into the situation.

Police believe the two assaults were related. Enquiries into both incidents are ongoing.

Anyone who witnessed either attacks is asked to contact British Transport Police by texting 61016 or calling 0800 405040. For the first assault, the quoting reference is: 376 of 08/10/19. For the second incident, the quoting reference is: 398 of 08/10/19.