On the front page of last week’s Watford Observer (Protest as chickens die in lorry crash, October 4) is a report of a road accident on the A405 last Monday where a lorry transporting 5,000 young chickens to the slaughterhouse overturned. What I find most upsetting and disturbing is these animals were left for seven hours trapped in cages with no food or water easily accessible. Food and water is essential for any living being. Just because these animals were on their way to the slaughterhouse it doesn’t mean they can be deprived of food and water for seven hours.

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I was also very concerned to read in this report that the police refused offers of help from professional veterinarians and professional representatives of animal rescue sanctuaries to help these animals. Surely there must be questions asked and answered by someone why were these trapped, caged animals left for seven hours with no food or water or help from veterinarians?

I do voluntary work for two animal charities and have also taken on rescue dogs, rescue ferrets and hundreds of battery hens over many years and part of any animal’s wellbeing is concern for the animal at all times.

Ernie Mackenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford