Last week’s letters (Developers’ land grab, October 4) expressed concern about a long list of potential housing sites, published by Watford Council, for the new local plan.

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Please note house builders do not ‘grab’ land. They have to buy it. The alternative is the council put together sufficient housing sites by compulsory purchase.

Either method or both together has to ensure at least 800 new homes are completed each and every year in Watford.

Both are, to many, unacceptable. So how about a third option, putting out a sign saying ‘Full Up’?

The present government has made it very clear that if this happens it will allow new homes by planning appeal.

And may go further and impose a new local plan on a council underperforming in terms of new homes completed.

I suggest that this is equally unacceptable.

The Government assessed (as at November 2018) how well every council was doing in England was meeting its minimum target of new homes completed each year.

Watford was found to be meeting its target and Three Rivers plus St Albans were found to be under performing. Dacorum and Hertsmere were well above the minimum required.

I have previously written about the need to get on with the Joint Strategic Plan for these five councils.

So that these council can keep control, as much as possible, of our towns and the land in between them.

Standing together we may get local decisions made by local people. Otherwise we face one of the unacceptable options.

Roger Pidgeon

By email