The Liberal Democrats have retained both of its seats following two by-elections in Watford and Three Rivers.

The Lib Dems took just over 55 per cent of the vote in Tudor ward after voters went to the polls yesterday for the Watford council by-election.

Cllr Bill Stanton succeeds Joe Fahmy, who had to step down after a work promotion meant he would be placed in a politically restricted role.

The Labour party slumped to third behind the Tories - Labour's vote share of 13 per cent was the lowest in this ward since 2008.

The Conservatives saw its vote share increase by 13 per cent since May's election with Carly Bishop winning 490 votes, but Cllr Stanton was a clear winner with 871 votes.

Cllr Stanton said: "I'm so grateful for everyone for supporting me and it such an honour to become the councillor for Tudor ward.

"This shows people like the work the Liberal Democrats are doing locally – whether it's bringing jobs and investment to Watford or improving parks and open spaces. I can't wait to get started."

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Watford Cllr Ian Stotesbury added: "Already this year Labour have lost seats and support and in the local and European elections in Watford.

"It’s clear that whenever there is a general election it will be a close contest between the Liberal Democrats and a new Conservative candidate."

Last Thursday, voters went to the polls to elect a new councillor in Primrose ward at Abbots Langley Parish Council.

There was a vacancy after Cllr Alex Michaels resigned just a couple of months after being re-elected.

Turnout was just 19.74 per cent as Cllr Fran Deschampsneufs picked up 249 votes - Cllr Michaels won 437 votes back in May.

The Tories, which did not field a candidate in this ward in May, picked up 84 votes while Labour candidate Bruce Prochnik trailed in third with 67 votes.

Three Rivers District Council leader Cllr Sara Bedford said: "I am delighted by this vote of confidence in the way the Liberal Democrats are running both the parish council and Three Rivers. To receive almost two thirds of the votes cast is gratifying.

"We will continue to listen to the views of local residents and to work all year round on their behalf."


Tudor ward by-election, Watford Borough Council

Carly Bishop (CON) 490 votes (+13.1 per cent since May)

Bill Stanton (LD) 871 votes (-5.6 per cent since May)

Seamus Williams (LAB) 210 votes (-7.6 per cent since May)

Turnout: 30.51 per cent (down from 32.84 per cent in May)

Primrose ward, Abbots Langley Parish Council

Fran Deschampsneufs (LD) 249 votes

Bruce Prochnik (LAB) 67 votes

Hiteshkumar Tailor (CON) 84 votes

Turnout: 19.74 per cent (down from 29.5 per cent in May)