Police continue to patrol near schools after four reports of schoolchildren being followed.

Officers provided a reassuring presence in the Rickmansworth and Mill End area this morning.

It comes after police received three reports of suspicious activity earlier this week and a fourth one today.

Hertfordshire Constabulary said it understands these reports will cause concern within the community, and as a result would be carrying out high visibility patrols.

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Just after 8am on Monday, a 10-year-old girl was followed by a man in a white van in Quickley Lane, Chorleywood.

The man was described as East Asian, around 40-years-old, and approximately 5ft 8in tall. He was wearing a white shirt, baggy navy trousers and black trainers.

The next day, during the afternoon, a 12-year-old girl was followed by a van driver in The Drive, Rickmansworth.

Police stress on both occasions, no attempt was made to touch or talk to the girls.

Yesterday morning (Thursday), three 11-year-old boys were followed by a man in Denham Way, Mill End, as they made their way to school.

As the area got busier, the man disappeared. He did not have a vehicle with him.

This morning (Friday), police were called to Oakfield in Mill End after reports a 16-year-old boy was approached by an Asian man driving a black car, who asked him to get in the vehicle.

The boy declined and walked away. The car driver did not follow him.

Following this morning's incident, Sergeant Neil Canning from the Rickmansworth and Croxley Green safer neighbourhood team, said "extensive and thorough" enquiries are being carried out.

Sergeant Canning added: "At this early stage we are keeping an open mind as to whether this latest incident is linked to the three similar reports from earlier in the week.

"None of the children involved in the four reported incidents were touched or grabbed.

"We will do all we can to identify the man in this latest incident in order to ascertain what his intentions were."

Police are carrying out extra patrols in Mill End, Rickmansworth, Croxley Green and Chorleywood at the beginning and the end of the school day.

Sergeant Canning added: "I would encourage parents and carers to discuss personal safety with their children and ensure they know that it is appropriate to dial 999 if they believe they are being followed by a stranger.

"Lastly I would like to stress that to date, no criminal offences have been committed. Therefore we ask residents to be mindful of the language they use on social media sites if and when discussing these incidents."

If you have witnessed anyone acting suspiciously or have any information you think would be useful to the police investigation, please get in touch quoting ISR 333 of 10 October.

You can also call 101 and asked to speak to Sergeant 1275 Neil Canning or PCSO 6567 Dean Redhead.

You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.