Neighbours say proposals to knock down a bungalow and build four houses will ruin the character of the area.

Property investment company Edit Residential has submitted a planning application to demolish a detached bungalow and a garage in 65 Lower Road, Chorleywood and build four four-bedroom houses, all two-stories high.

The application is due to be decided by Three Rivers District Council tonight.

But those living in Lower Road, Chorleywood say they would consider moving homes if the plans for the site behind their houses are allowed to go ahead. They say the proposed homes could tower over other houses.

The existing bungalow is hidden by a row of trees and greenery and cannot be seen from neighbours’ back gardens, despite being built on higher ground. But residents believe the proposed homes will stick out above these trees and ruin the landscape.

Watford Observer:

Rendered image created by residents on what they believe the view will become.

Jenny Fischer, who has lived in Lower Road for 35 years, said: “All the greenery will be taken away, there’s a beautiful cherry tree that will be taken down, so we’re going to be looking at concrete.”

Kim Austin, who moved in three years ago, said: “I was aware that the trees belonged to the neighbours at the back, but I didn’t believe that the beautiful scene could change.

“I’m against the possibility of having a huge development behind me that doesn’t sit nicely. I think the size and mass they’re trying to put there is unacceptable, it’s too big and too much. It invades our privacy; the sunlight will be blocked first thing in the morning.”

Three Rivers District Council leader Sara Bedford clarified concerns about the trees, she said: "None of the trees on the site are protected by the Tree Preservation Orders. However all of the trees along the southern boundary with the existing houses will be kept and a further tree will be planted."

Planning images also indicate that rooflights on the slope of the roof will be much smaller than what appears in the resident mock-up image, with the glass glazed and the building mostly screened by trees.

Lorna Nash believes the transportation of materials and the construction could cause a traffic gridlock on the narrow road.

Watford Observer:

The current view of one garden from Lower Road, with the bungalow hidden by trees.

Ms Nash, who has lived in Lower Road for 12 years, said: “One of the things is the road and that there’s not that much space. It’s the main road of the village and its pretty much a one-way track, it’s always pretty congested.”

Breeda Nuttall moved into the area three years ago. She said: “It’s a beautiful lovely leafy spot, and it’s not going to be like that. I think everyone has the responsibility to try and maintain the style and character of the area.

“Our gardens are at a lower level, and these will just be towered.”

Two similar proposals by Edit Residential were rejected earlier this year.

Watford Observer:

How the bungalow currently appears.

The first proposal for nine appartments – eight two-bed flats and one three-bed flat - was rejected by the council in February. A second proposal for seven two-bed apartments was refused in April.

A district council planning committee on July 18 concluded the siting, scale and design of the two rejected proposals would “appear at odds with the prevailing character of the surrounding area”.

A spokesperson for Three Rivers District Council said: "The current application for a terrace of four dwelling houses is a very different scheme and professional planning officers consider that it has overcome the previous objections on character, parking and affordable housing and complies with national and local planning policies."

Three Rivers District Council’s planning committee is due to consider the latest planning application at a meeting at 7.30pm tonight.