Watford Conservatives has praised Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal despite criticisms that it will leave people worse off.

The Prime Minister tweeted he had secured a “great new deal” after negotiating with EU officials to discuss his proposals for Brexit, including solutions to the problem with the Irish border.

His plans were backed by a deputy chairman of Watford Conservatives, who said Mr Johnson had “pulled it off” after “everyone said it was impossible to secure a new deal”.

They continued: “This new deal ensures that we take back control of our laws, trade, borders and money without disruption, and provides the basis of a new relationship with the EU based on free trade and friendly cooperation.

“This is a deal which allows us to get Brexit done and leave the EU, so that we can focus on investing in our NHS and police force, tackling violent crime and strengthening protections for our environment.”

But the deal was met with criticism by Chris Ostrowski, Watford parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party, who called it a “sham”.

He said: “At the last election I promised the people of Watford I will never support a deal which leaves Watford worse off. It is clear that the best deal now is for the UK to remain in the EU.

Watford Observer:

Chris Ostrowski called the deal a "sham"

“Johnson’s deal is a sham. It is even worse than the one Theresa May negotiated and is unlikely to receive support of parliament.

"I support remain in all circumstances.”

Cllr Ian Stotesbury, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Watford, added the deal would be bad for jobs, public services and for Watford.

He continued: "No Brexit deal will ever be better than the one we currently have.

"Whatever deal that does come to Parliament on Saturday must have the option for a People's Vote and with that the option to Remain.

"The Liberal Democrats have been and always will be the strongest party of Remain in Watford."

However, Watford Conservatives say the UK will leave the customs union as “one United Kingdom” and be able to strike trade deals across the globe.

"The country can come together and move on,” it said.

MPs are expected to sit in the Commons this Saturday to discuss the next steps of Brexit.

Among the changes made in the new deal included the backstop being removed and Northern Ireland being aligned to the EU single market.

William Berry, Watford parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party, said the reported removal of the backstop was a “promising start”.

He said: “We await the detail of any potential deal to see whether it is a reheated Theresa May style WA4, or whether there are proper genuine major improvements.

“However, we are really concerned that regulatory alignment may be agreed as well as caving in on fishing.”

Mr Berry added: “To be clear a short extension for a general election is way preferable to a second referendum.

“We suspect that whatever comes back will be hijacked on Saturday by the Remain Opposition who will tack an amendment onto Boris’ deal requiring a second referendum. In that scenario, then we will campaign against the deal/referendum and for a G.E.”