A volunteer who helps adults with disabilities learn employment and life skills has won our community hero award.

Gordon Sellers, 76, was introduced to the Watford Workshop in 2005 to help the organisation with their health and safety.

After seeing the work the organisation does for adults with disabilities he continued to help and was selected to the board in 2010.

Watford Workshop helps people with physical, learning, or sight or hearing difficulties and teaches them skills including how to cook, clean and wash their clothes.

Mr Sellers was later chosen as chairman and held that position for more than seven years.

He stepped down in February last year but continued to volunteer and help the organisation with health and safety.

Mr Sellers said: “I get such a kick out of going into the workshop and seeing how people are growing in self-confidence.

“When they spend time with us we try and help them progress into the mainstream community and into normal employment.

“That’s not always the case but they still enjoy coming to the workshop and doing a proper day of work.

“For some it becomes a purpose of life for them, which is fantastic.”

Mr Sellers said throughout his time working with the workshop the organisation has grown and is beneficial to service users.

He added: “When I first began to volunteer, I could see how much people were benefitting from coming to the workshop.

“We teach them how conduct themselves in a workplace, behave with other people, how to dress themselves and to follow instructions.

“For a lot of them independent living skills is important as at the moment they may be living with their mum or dad but their parents are getting older.

“In the future they will have to go into some form of sheltered accommodation and will be living alone.”

When told he won our community hero award Mr Sellers, said: “It is amazing. I’m astonished to even be nominated.

“I get a lot out of what I do and it is an absolute honour.”