Cars are parking so badly that it could stop emergency vehicles getting access to a school, a head teacher has warned.

Carly Rissen, head teacher of Little Reddings Primary School in Harcourt Road, Bushey said “children’s safety comes first” after pictures revealed the shocking way motorists park during the day.

It shows some drivers parking fully on the pavement, forcing pedestrians to walk onto the road as well as people parking illegally on the yellow ‘keep clear’ markings.

Mrs Rissen said drivers are also parking in front of school gates, causing issues for staff trying to get in and out as well as emergency vehicles.

Watford Observer:

One car parked on the 'keep clear markings'

She continued: “Parking remains an issue on Harcourt Road throughout the whole day.

“People park on the white hatches so that you can't see to cross at the crossing.

“People also using the shops park badly throughout the day and evening, preventing lorries from accessing Moatfield Road.”

Watford Observer:

Lynne Heslop, 55, who is a traffic warden at the school, backed Mrs Rissen. She said Tesco delivery drivers are forced to block the road since they cannot get down Moatfield Road to deliver at the back of Tesco on a daily basis.

She claimed that drivers “just park where they want to park”.

A mother of a pupil at the school, who did not want to be named, added poor parking along Harcourt Road has become a “joke”.

Watford Observer:

She said: “If something is not done with the way parking is then a child could seriously get hurt.

“Mostly parents from the school are causing the problems and don’t care but they should as they have kids going to the school.”

Hertsmere Borough Council says it is aware of the concerns raised about road safety and inconsiderate parking outside Little Reddings and along Harcourt Road.

A spokesperson said: “Little Reddings Primary School is part of our enforcement rota and regularly receives visits from our civil enforcement officers.

“There are some enforceable restrictions in place along parts of Harcourt Road, however in instances where a parked car is causing an obstruction on a pavement or across a driveway, residents can contact the police on their non-emergency number 101.”