Bus passengers are being advised that a busy stop is to be moved for at least a week due to roadworks.

Today, services 520, 320, 635, and W1 have not been serving stop G in Market Street.

Services 10, 420C and W21 will also be diverting.

A temporary bus stop in King Street has been serving passengers travelling on those services.

The changes have come due to a road closure in Merton Road - however Hertfordshire County Council has announced this closure has been lifted until Monday.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: "Due to a number of on-site issues today, Affinity Water are lifting their road closure on Merton Road for the remainder of the day/weekend with a view to continue Monday morning following an on-site review."

It means drivers will be able to use Merton Road over the weekend.

Over the weekend and presumably for the rest of today (Friday), bus routes will return to normal and Market Street will be served as usual.

However, the temporary stop in King Street will be in use again when Merton Road closes.

Notices have been put on your usual stops for more specific boarding information.

When Stop G in Market Street is out of use again, the following stops can be used, as well as in King Street

Route 520 can be boarded in at Exchange Road (stop K) or Beechen Grove (stop M).

W1 can be boarded at Market Street (stop J).

Service 320 can be boarded at Exchange Road (stop K).

A bus passenger in Market Street has praised Sam Lambert, a commuter between Watford and Three Rivers, who she says spent around three hours this morning directing around 200 passengers to their right stop.

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