Two Watford parliamentary candidates took to the streets in London over the weekend to demand the public has a final say on Brexit. 

Labour's Chris Ostrowski and the Liberal Democrat's Ian Stotesbury joined up to a million people on Saturday.

They both believe that the new deal Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed with the European Union last week was not good enough and that there should be a 'People's Vote'.

The march coincided with MPs sitting in the Commons on a Saturday for the first time in 37 years, who voted in favour of passing the Letwin Amendment.

It means the government has been forced to seek an extension on Brexit, with Mr Johnson having sent a letter to the EU asking for a delay.

Watford MP Richard Harrington said he voted against the Letwin Amendment and that he would vote for the deal the Prime Minister has put forward.

He was among 21 MPs who had their whip withdrawn after voting to block a no-deal Brexit earlier this year, which has still not been reinstated.

Mr Harrington said: “The Prime Minister said clearly that he would abide by the law, which said he had to get an extension and he has.

“I thought the Letwin Amendment was irrelevant. I will still vote to stop a no-deal and I welcome the Prime Minister’s letter to the EU asking for an extension.”

Watford Conservatvies added that the vote was "extremely dissapointing" it was time to get Brexit "over the line".

A spokesperson from Watford Conservatives said: "With the Article 50 deadline of October 31 fast approaching we believe it is time for those anti-democratic Remainer MPs who have done so much damage to the credibility of our country’s democracy to vote for the deal. 

"It is time Brexit was delivered as promised by Parliament, time that the UK left the EU and time to get on with negotiating great trade deals with our European partners and other countries around the world. 

"Only leaving the EU as planned on 31st October will provide the certainty Watford residents and businesses need to get on with their lives."

However, William Berry, Brexit parliamentary candidate for Watford, said Mr Johnson’s deal was “dead” and there is likely to be a three-month extension.

“We urgently need a general election to have a proper functioning parliament.

“The Brexit party believe that the Prime Minister’s deal is a bad deal and it should be scrapped. We continue to believe that a Clean-Break Brexit is the best option for Britain.”

William Berry, Brexit parliamentary candidate for Watford

Watford Observer:

Cllr Ian Stotesbury at the march. (Photo: Watford Liberal Democrats)

“I think the deal that was offered by the Prime Minister was nowhere near good enough and risks abandoning Northern Ireland to a separate customs union - something never on the ballot.

“There's no deal that will improve jobs, prosperity or safeguard our environment or the NHS like Remaining in the EU.

“When this deal comes back to Parliament, what needs to happen next is clear. We need a People’s Vote, with the option to remain in the EU.” 

Cllr Ian Stotesbury, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Watford

Watford Labour parliamentary candidate Chris Ostrowski, who was also at the march, added Boris Johnson’s deal was not what voters were promised in the referendum.

Watford Observer:

Chris Ostrowski at the march with his family (Photo: Watford Labour)

He continued: “They (voters) were told it would make us better off - it will not.

“If Boris Johnson is so sure that he has the ‘will of the people’ on his side, then he should prove it. He should put his deal to the people in a second referendum with Remain on the ballot paper.

“I will back Remain.”

Tom Pashby, South West Herts parliamentary candidate for the Green Party, said: “It is time the PM put democracy first and let the people decide on whether to back his new deal or to remain in the EU, so we can get on with tackling climate emergency and healing the wounds from a decade of Tory austerity.”