Local MPs spoke out to explain why they voted the way they did on Boris Johnson’s EU Withdrawal Bill and the Brexit timetable.

On Tuesday night, MPs voted in favour of the Prime Minister’s bill but rejected the timetable to rush the deal through parliament in time for the October 31 deadline.

Those who voted against the timetable said they had not been given enough time to scrutinise the bill, which was agreed at the end of last week.

As a result, Mr Johnson is now waiting to find out if the EU will agree to a further Brexit extension. European Union leaders are expected to agree to a three month delay up to January 31.

If agreed, the extension will be announced on Friday, otherwise, an emergency summit will be held on Monday.

According to national news outlets, Downing Street sources have said Mr Johnson would seek a general election if the Brexit deadline is extended.

Watford MP Richard Harrington

Watford Observer:

Independent Watford MP Richard Harrington

The Watford MP agreed to Mr Johnson’s deal but voted against the proposed timetable.

He said he did not think three days was not enough to examine the EU Withdrawal Bill before the October deadline.

Mr Harrington has previously campaigned against a no-deal Brexit and defied the whip after voting to block a no-deal.

The independent MP said: “Whilst I voted to remain, I accept the result of the referendum and have always said that I want to see us leave with a deal.

“I’m firm that no deal would be an economic disaster and even resigned as a Minister and lost the Conservative Party whip to ensure we don’t crash out without an agreement in place.

“This is why I supported the Prime Minister’s deal; so that we have the chance to leave the EU in an orderly way which is the best way to avoid a no deal scenario.

“That said, three days is clearly not enough to properly scrutinise legislation of this magnitude and I felt that it wasn’t enough time to analyse the details of the agreement.”

South West Herts MP David Gauke

Watford Observer:

Credit: PA

Mr Gauke voted in the government's favour both times but believes it is "better" that Parliament now has more time to scrutinise the legislation.

He added: "My main focus is ensuring that the implementation period remains in place for long enough to enable a Free Trade Agreement to be negotiated. 

"I want to stop us being in a no deal situation at the end of 2020. 

"The Government conceded to me that Parliament would be able to have a binding vote on this which was a welcome move in the right direction. 

"It is now right that Parliament has the opportunity to scrutinise the legislation in the days ahead."

St Albans MP Anne Main

Watford Observer:

MP Anne Main

Conservative MP Mrs Main voted in favour of the bill and the proposed timetable.

She said she wanted to deliver the result of the referendum “following the instructions from British people in 2016.”

She continued: “The stark reality is that a significant number of MPs in the House wish to ignore and, in some cases, overturn the biggest ever democratic vote in this country.

“Why would anyone trust ever again if MPs ignore their promises on this matter.

“The referendum was not decided on party lines but it has now been turned into a political football with Labour and the Liberal Democrats voting for further delay with no intention of supporting a Brexit for the British people.”

Hemel Hempstead MP Mike Penning

Watford Observer:

MP Sir Mike Penning

Likewise, Sir Mike Penning voted in favour of the bill and the timetable.

He said: “I would like to leave with a deal. Previously, the back stop was a big problem for me and in this deal they removed it, so I voted for it.

“I think it is a good result for Brexit and the country. We are now in a situation where it has passed its second reading and should be in the committee, but the second motion was voted down and we are now waiting for the European Union to give a leave date.

“Hopefully the government can move quickly so they can do what the British public asked us to do.”

Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden has been contacted for comment.