Three Rivers District Council is urging drivers to stop vehilce idling.

The council, who declared a climate emergency earlier this year, say its climate change pledge commits it to use all practical means to reduce the impact of council services on the environment.

And it says carbon emissions can be cut if motorists, including council drivers, reduce the idling of all road vehicle engines.

Idling occurs when vehicles are parked, but drivers leave their engines running. The council say a difference can be made if drivers of all vehicles, including private cars, taxis, private hire vehicles, public sector vehicles, buses, coaches, vans and lorries stop idling.

Cllr Phil Williams, lead member for environmental services and sustainability, said: “We have started by making our own staff and contractors aware of the implications of letting their vehicles idle unnecessarily.

“We would also like all motorists to take note and switch their engines off one they reach their destinations.”

Earlier this year Matt Mountain, a management consultant from Rickmansworth, accused Hertfordshire County Council of not doing enough for the climate emergency after saying he spotted vehicles from the county council idling.

Mr Mountain said he photographed vans, cars and trucks parked with their engines running in Maple Cross in Rickmansworth.

However, the county council said it would always encourage drivers to turn off their engines whenever possible to reduce the pollution caused by unnecessary idling.