Members of a Royal British Legion branch are mistakenly not renewing their memberships due to confusion.

The Royal British Legion branch in North Bushey wishes to clarify to its members that it is not closing despite some believing it is.

Following the announcement of a branch closing in Melbourne Road, Bushey, some members of another branch on Bushey Mill Lane, North Bushey have mistakenly assumed it is the North Bushey branch that is closing.

Peter Gallagher, committee member of the Royal British Legion Branch in North Bushey, clarified these concerns. He said: “The Bushey Legion branch in Melbourne Road is closing, which is nothing to do with our club.

“We are getting a lot of telephone calls and emails asking if our club is closed or closing, this has had a knock-on effect in some cases members are not renewing their memberships because of this confusion.

“Some were asking ‘why should we pay the membership if it is shutting down’ - but we are still very much active.”

After the Melbourne Road, Bushey branch announced their closure, the chairman Leon James said that their annual Remembrance Sunday parade at the Bushey War Memorial at 2pm was cancelled despite the team “desperately” trying to find a way to continue the event.

Instead, the North Bushey branch will still hold their annual Remembrance Sunday parade in Bushey Mill Lane at 11am as normal.

Mr James stated that people did not lose interest in managing the Bushey branch, but rather the commitments were difficult for members to keep up with.

Mr Gallagher added that the closure of the Melbourne Road, Bushey branch was a “sad end to a fantastic club.”