A mum believes she captured haunting footage of a ghost while filming the fireworks.

Sarah Koffer watched the Bonfire Night fireworks on Saturday from the edge of Cassiobury Park and filmed the display at the request of her young son.

But when she returned home and watched the footage, she noticed something spooky.

Her video shows a pair of white dots moving erratically across the screen. She believes it could be the face of a ghost.

Mrs Koffer said: "We noticed these two dots which looked quite freaky. The lights came from nowhere. They were in a tree and then on the ground. We were looking at it thinking 'what is going on?'

Watford Observer:

Can you see the face of a ghost in this picture? Photo: Sarah Koffer

"We've shown it to a few people and they think they can see a face and some have said it could be a ghost.

"Anyone can say it may be torches but it moves around so quickly."

We sent the video to Morris Troughton Hume, a retired press photographer who used to be a photographic consultant with the web based ghost hunting group Parasearch.

He said: "This is quite a mystery. It looks like some kind of lens flare, but the movement doesn't correspond to the movement of the camera. Also it's still there when someone passes close to the lens, so it can't be caused by a distant light source.

Watford Observer:

Thousands of people attended the fireworks show at Cassiobury Park. Photo: Emma Gorman

"The only thing I can think of is that maybe the photographer was wearing a ring or watch that reflected and caused the flare, but I'm clutching at straws."

There is a tale that Cassiobury Park is haunted by the ghost of Lord Arthur Capel, who was a Royalist during the Civil War and met his end when he was beheaded in 1649.

Legend has it Lord Capel’s heart was removed after his death, placed in a silver casket and eventually hidden in Cassiobury Park.