Jo Swinson was met with heckles today as she came to Watford during her general election campaign tour.

The Liberal Democrat leader visited Sigma, an independent short-line pharmacy wholesaler in Imperial Way, where she was given a tour of the factory.

But her visit was met with choice words by some passers-by, with some honking their horns while others made hand gestures.

Ms Swinson, who arrived in Watford on her new ‘battle bus’, was joined by Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor, Watford parliamentary candidate Ian Stotesbury and Leader of Three Rivers District Council Sara Bedford.

Speaking to the Observer, Ms Swinson said Sigma is a “great example of some of the challenges” faced in the economy when it comes to Brexit.

Watford Observer:

Jo Swinson being taken on a tour of the factory

Ms Swinson continued: “What they do here at Sigma is hugely important for the NHS and for the supply of medication.

“They also have a whole division importing pharmaceutical products from other European countries and then being able to use them within our own health service and NHS.

“The Brexit situation is making all that harder.”

She added that by stopping Brexit an elected Liberal Democrat Government would be able to have an extra £50 billion to invest in spending on public services and the support of vulnerable people.

Watford Observer:

Jo Swinson's 'Battle Bus'

Ms Swinson said: “Today the area of our plan for the future that we are focussing on are plans to invest in mental health which is a huge issue for so many.

“It is woefully under-resourced within our NHS, so we are setting out plans for £11 billion of extra investment in mental health which will allow many more people to access talking therapies and to make sure we can plug the gaps in the mental health work force.”

Ms Swinson also urged voters to get behind her party for the election, saying people in constituents up and down the country are getting behind the party to stop Brexit.

She said: “We want to stop Brexit and we have been leading supporters of the people’s vote campaign for three and a half years because we want to make sure that people have a choice to remain in the EU.

“Now that we have a general election people have the choice to vote Liberal Democrats and elect a majority government which will stop Brexit and of course we will keep campaigning to do just that."

Speaking about Ms Swinson’s visit, Cllr Stotesbury said it was “brilliant” she was in Watford and “great to have her here”.

Mr Taylor added it had been encouraging to see the Liberal Democrat leader in the area, while Cllr Bedford said the visit was successful and was pleased she came to Watford as part of her tour.