A couple who became millionaires after winning the National Lottery say life has become more comfortable but they are still living a "basic life".

Chris and Julie Jeffrey, 63 and 58, from Bushey Mill Crescent, won £1million in June 2002 and put their win down to using the same “unlucky number” since they began playing in 1994.

The couple have managed to pay off their mortgage, give money to family and create a trust fund away for their two children.

Describing the moment she found out they had won, Mrs Jeffrey said: “We were shocked to be honest.

Watford Observer:

National Lottery winners. Photo: James Robinson/Camelot

“Everyone has those little chats about what they would do if they won.

"When we found out we were gobsmacked.

“Of course, you are amazed at the time, but you get used to the shock.”

She said they also used their money to go on better holidays to places such as the Maldives and Alaska.

Although Mr Jeffrey retired from his job as a kitchen planner for John Lewis two years ago, Mrs Jeffrey has continued working as a cook at Garston fire station.

Watford Observer:

Chris and Julie became millionaires back in 2002. Photo: James Robinson/Camelot.

She said: “It was a lot of money but if you break it down you can make it last for at least 50 years.

“It is true that life has become more comfortable, but we still live a basic life and I’m still doing the same job.

“We can use the money to help pay for bills or to enjoy ourselves but if we gave up work, we would have to watch ourselves and what we spend.

“We’re coming closer to retirement and we can then use the money the way we want as long as we’re careful.”

The National Lottery has reached 25 years since its first draw and it has made 34 Watford lottery millionaires.