The Liberal Democrats and Green Party have formed a pact to not stand against each other in Watford at the upcoming general election.

In a two-way deal between the parties across 60 constituencies in England, the Greens have agreed to not field candidates in seats where the Liberal Democrats have the chance to beat a Brexit supporting rival.

But in return the Lib Dems will stand aside for the Greens in certain seats as well.

It means that in Watford, the Green Party will not put forward a candidate and instead urge supporters to vote for Cllr Ian Stotesbury at the election on December 12.

Both parties are in favour of remaining in the European Union, with the Liberal Democrats pledging to stop Brexit altogether.

Cllr Ian Stotesbury, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Watford, said: “I'm really grateful that the Greens have made the difficult decision to stand down to support me to be our next MP in Watford.

“I am passionate about tackling the Climate Emergency as well as putting my energies into helping to stop a disastrous and damaging Brexit that will diminish our standing in the world. Everything has changed since 2017.

“We topped the poll at this years European elections, won recent by-elections and we can win in Watford. I am proud to call Watford my home and I would be honoured to be able to champion it in Parliament.”

But Chris Ostrowski, Labour parliamentary candidate for Watford, has appealed for Green Party voters to vote for him because he claims he is the “only remainer who can actually win in Watford”.

However, Alex Murray, former Green Parliamentary Candidate for Watford in the 2017 general election, said: “I'd urge all Green voters in Watford to support the Liberal Democrats at this election as the only party who will work to stop Brexit.

“It's clear that we must unite to Remain in the EU and only the Liberal Democrats are committing to do it.

“Labour have flip flopped on Brexit and simply cannot be trusted to deliver for Remainers. I know Ian well. He is passionate about Watford and with his science background I know he will fight for green values in Parliament, such as tackling the Climate Emergency.”

Mr Murray left the Green Party and joined the Liberal Democrats in 2018.

Yesterday Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson visited Sigma, an independent short-line pharmacy wholesaler in Imperial Way, as part of her general election campaign tour.

Speaking to the Observer, Ms Swinson said Sigma is a “great example of some of the challenges” faced in the economy when it comes to Brexit.

Watford Observer:

Jo Swinson visiting Sigma in Watford

Ms Swinson continued: “What they do here at Sigma is hugely important for the NHS and for the supply of medication.

“They also have a whole division importing pharmaceutical products from other European countries and then being able to use them within our own health service and NHS.

“The Brexit situation is making all that harder.”

She also urged people to get behind the Liberal Democrats, saying people in constituencies up and down the country are getting behind the party to stop Brexit.