David Gauke said he is still considering his options over where he stands in the General Election.

And the South West Hertfordshire MP only has until November 14 to decide.

This is the date when candidates must have registered their notice of standing in the election.

Mr Gauke cannot stand as a Conservative parliamentary candidate in the General Election as he was among 21 MPs who lost the whip after voting to block a no-deal exit from the EU earlier this year.

He said: “I am considering my options, although I realise I have not got much longer to decide if I want to run or not.

“It has been a huge privilege to be a Member of Parliament and I would love to continue. I am currently consulting with colleagues and friends about where I stand.

“But I will not be standing as the Conservative parliamentary candidate in the General Election.”

It means Mr Gauke, who has served the south west Hertfordshire Constituency since 2005, is currently an Independent MP.

Speaking at a Conservative Party Press Conference in October, he said he “was not a Liberal Democrat” and would like to stand for the south west Hertfordshire constituency.