It would be nice to say last week’s chaos caused by cancelled trains on the London North West Railway having a knock-on effect at Watford Junction station was an isolated incident. But unfortunately it isn’t.

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Turning up to stations to find trains are cancelled due to lack of train crew or such like is becoming an all too likely occurrence. If it’s not the train crew then it’s the line that has been taken out of service. Little did John Major, when he drew up the passengers charter to compensate commuters, envisage or factor in trains that don’t run at all or rail tracks that have been taken up. The St Albans Flyer may seem a minnow in the general scheme, but people depend on it for their jobs and their livelihoods. The other day no Abbey flier trains showed up on the displays. Apparently they were running but had dropped off the indicator boards.

Nothing happened. Ten minutes later it was announced over the tannoy that service was delayed because of lack of crew. Since privatisation there seems to be no pride, just a roll-away bonanza of quick cash for those working on the railways. They are run for the staff not the public anymore. If the Abbey Flyer can’t be run properly they should pave over it and turn it into a cycle route so people can get from A to B.

Dave Degen