Professor Christine Wheeler McNulty must feel somewhat embarrassed by the importune desire of some correspondents of this page to know the source of her academic qualifications. In her defence, it seems to me that to believe what an individual write or says is verified by degrees seems to me unfair and unwise. Foolishness or wisdom is not changed by an individual’s academic qualifications; foolishness will be foolishness no matter who speaks or writes it.

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Let’s evaluate Professor McNulty’s contributions on what she actually writes rather than her educational degrees, the same ought to be true of all correspondents who contribute to the Letters to the Editor page, one of the most interesting in the paper.

There is a more worrying and practical factor to concern those of us who live in Watford. I refer to housing development. This town is being turned into a series of high-class prisons erected by builders and town planners or at least agreed by them. The developments at Watford Junction, the bus garage on the St Albans Road in Garston, not to mention the proposed housing at the site of TK Maxx Range and others in the pipeline are a sore on the town. These developments are ugly, just square boxes built for profit not for the people who will pay a high price just to live in them.

Patrick Boyle

Garston Drive, Watford