Labour has called on the Liberal Democrats to pull out of the race to become Watford’s next MP.

Chris Ostrowski, Labour parliamentary candidate, wants to form a "remain alliance" in the town to avoid a "disastrous Brexit".

Mr Ostrowski says because Jo Swinson’s party “are so far behind” to win the Watford seat, the Lib Dems should "stand aside" to give his party a clear run at the Tories.

But Watford’s Lib Dem candidate, Cllr Ian Stotesbury, has rubbished Mr Ostrowski’s suggestion, instead claiming his party was “on the up” in the town.

But Mr Ostrowski claims it is “impossible” for the Lib Dems to take the seat in Watford and says he does not want to split the remain vote.

In the 2017 General Election, Labour lost out to the Tories by 2,000 votes, with the Lib Dems a distant third racking up a little over 5,000 votes – 19,000 behind Labour.

Mr Ostrowski said: "I call on the Liberal Democrats' candidate to put country before party and join with me in creating a Remain alliance here in Watford.

“The choice for Cllr Stotesbury is clear. He can be a Brexit enabler in which case he will carry on and stand in Watford regardless, or if he truly wants to avoid a disastrous Brexit he will have the good grace and common sense to stand aside for the greater good.

“By putting country first ahead of narrow party self-interest he will have done the right thing in the changed circumstances.

"I will continue to back remain in all circumstances."

Cllr Stotesbury said the alliance put forward by Mr Ostrowski “only confirms that Labour know they are not going to win in Watford”.

He added: “Labour has refused to engage in discussions or Remain pacts with other parties. They simply can't be trusted when it comes to Brexit.

“The Liberal Democrats have seen a huge surge in support since 2017 while Labour’s support has halved. We topped the poll at this year’s European elections, with Labour falling to third.

"Labour will be trying to cling on to the seats they already have."

The Lib Dems have already formed an alliance of their own with the Green party. The Greens will not be standing a candidate in Watford.

The Brexit party confirmed yesterday it will no longer be standing its candidate William Berry in Watford.