Parliamentary candidates for Watford have said why you should vote for them.

As Richard Harrington will not be standing in the general election on December 12, Chris Ostrowski for Labour, Dean Russell for Conservatives, Ian Stotesbury for Liberal Democrats and Michael McGetrick for the Social Democratic Party will instead be standing.

Below is what they had to say ahead of the Election.

Chris Ostrowski – Labour

Watford Observer:

“I live here with my wife and two children, both of whom attend local schools. Both my children were born in Watford General, and Watford has been part of my family life for many years.

“It was so close here last time - I was just 2,092 votes from beating the Tories. The Lib Dems were over 21,000 behind and they can’t win here. I am the only one who can beat the Tory in Watford.

“If I win then Boris Johnson will be packing his bags. Years of Tory cuts in our communities will end. Labour will invest in our Hospital and get NHS waiting lists down. There will be more police officers to cut crime, and our schools will be in far better shape.

“Watford is an amazing place to live and I am proud of our diversity; my grandad was a Polish airman who fought with the RAF against the Nazis. It’s never been more important that we defend the values that he and others fought for.

“I don’t sit on the fence on Brexit. I’ll back Remain in all circumstances as membership of the EU is the best deal of all. Only Labour will give YOU the final say on Brexit. Labour will negotiate a deal and let you decide if you want to accept it.

“I am passionate about putting people first; Watford needs an MP who understands what day-to-day life is like for thousands like you and me. I will stand up for you and champion the town in Parliament.”

Dean Russell – Conservative

Watford Observer:

“Most of my family life has been centred in Watford, my wife was born and raised here (that side of my family stretches back over 100 years in Watford!) as was my daughter. Over the years I have seen the various changes, so I know that this is a town on the up and I intend to continue that trend as your MP.

“Our outgoing Conservative MP has an incredible local legacy. Since 2010 we have seen unemployment shrink, helped by the Jobs Fair. We have seen new schools open, the 30 hours free childcare pilot, and an extra 340 GP appointments every week alongside £400 million of funding for our local hospitals and I intend to build on this.

“My campaign is focused on ensuring that this £400 million is spent effectively, pressuring London Northwestern Railway for radical improvements (the busiest train services must have the greatest capacity, it is not right that commuters cannot board the train!) and fighting for St Albans Road to have a GP surgery if the proposed development goes ahead.

“I will campaign for a greener Watford by bringing businesses together to combat single-use plastic. I will launch an initiative to train mental health first aiders in all schools and workplaces and ensure we tackle loneliness.

“For us to deliver both locally and nationally, we need a functioning Parliament. I am the only candidate pledging to implement the result of the 2016 referendum. More than three years have passed, and further delay will not achieve anything. A Conservative majority will mean that we can move on to focus on the issues that really matter.”

Ian Stotesbury – Liberal Democrats

Watford Observer:

“I love Watford, I moved here when my wife Clare started work as a Doctor at Watford General. We loved it so much we bought our first home here.

“Serving my community really matters to me. It’s why I stood to be a councillor in North Watford, where I live. Whilst others have been speaking about what they might do for Watford, I’ve already been delivering for my community and would love the chance to do the same in Parliament.

“As an engineer in the space industry I am passionate about tackling the climate change emergency. It is the most pressing issue of our time and is simply too important not to take radical action on. I believe we should invest more in our public services. We've promised 20,000 new teachers and a huge investment in our NHS. I campaigned to Remain in the European Union in 2016 and believe that no Brexit deal could be better than the one we currently have. If elected, I would work to stop Brexit and get a People’s Vote, so we can get on with the issues that really matter.

“The Liberal Democrats are on the up in Watford and across the country. The Green Party has chosen to stand aside this time and their candidate in 2017 is backing me this time. The Liberal Democrats topped the poll at this year’s European elections and got record breaking local election results. It’s clear that we can win in Watford.

“With Richard Harrington choosing to stand down this election, we really need someone who can be trusted to deliver for our community. I would be so honoured to represent this area, a place I love, in parliament.”

Michael McGetrick – Social Democratic Party

Watford Observer:

“I was born and raised in Hertfordshire, where I received my primary and secondary education. I continued my studies at London University where I completed a B.Sc(Hons) and PhD in physics.

“I have worked in a range of industries within the electronics sector, providing IT and software solutions to various clients in the military, government and corporate world.

“I have also worked closely with the charity Age UK, ensuring residents in sheltered accommodation are able to communicate effectively with friends, family and online services.

“Why vote for the Social Democratic Party? Brexit will be an important issue, if not the main issue.

The main Brexit issues will be centred around immigration, housing storages, high house prices, rentals and stress on social services.

“Watford, like Most Hertfordshire towns, face the same challenges and issues. The Social Democratic Party’s key policies on these issues are to leave the EU, lower immigration, build new council houses and a National Care Service.

“The Social Democrats have policies on social cohesion that address the many divisions we witness between groupings in our towns and cities. For too long our major parties have advocated policies, such as identity politics, which tend to divide society. SDP advocates policies that bring our communities together in social solidarity.

“The Social Democrats want to give the people of Watford another political choice. We believe SDP policies will resonate strongly with the public.

I believe I am equipped to understand and represent the people of Watford on a range of economic and social issues, and it would be a privilege to do so.”