Many celebrated the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in a festive parade.

Around 700 people came to Watford Town Centre for an annual parade which celebrates the birth of the prophet Muhammad on November 17.

Both Muslims and people of other faiths followed the parade across the Town Centre for the celebrations.

Zahid Zarin, the chairman of the Milaad Parade Committee, thanked all volunteers and the community involved in making the parade be a memorable day.

Watford Mayor Peter Taylor said he wishes “everyone all the best in this special occasion for all Muslims across the world”.

Baroness Dorothy Thornhill who served as Mayor of Watford from 2002 until 2018, was also at the parade. She said: “Watford is a liberal, tolerant town and is respectful of the many faiths.

“We believe that this [parade] can happen peacefully and for the right reasons, and the reason is it is the celebration of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. Happy birthday, peace be upon him and peace be upon all of you who follow his ways.”