A woman living near The Grove hotel - where the NATO summit will be held - has branded the high profile event a "nuisance". 

And it seems other neighbours might agree with her.

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson will join 27 world leaders at the hotel in Chandlers Cross on Wednesday for the meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to mark its 70th anniversary.

But it means Hempstead Road will be shut for the day – and people living on the road have spoken to the Watford Observer about how it might affect them.

Melanie Batcheoor said: “We live here but we will get through it. But this meeting is a bit of a nuisance because of all the road closures and leaves the inability of getting to work.

“I usually walk all along the river but I am unable to do that now for a few days.

“I think there will be traffic chaos and I am hoping that they don’t do this here again. I am quite worried about my parents since they live right in the middle of the closure, but I think they will stay in.”

Kinika Opaleye said: “I have to leave around 20 minutes earlier for the school runs, which is definitely going to be lengthened.

“This road is very busy because it leads on the M25 so it is going to be chaotic. There will be so many people going through Courtlands Drive and Leavesden is going to be blocked since people will be trying to get to the M25 that way.”

Another homeowner living on the road has decided to stay home during the meeting in order to avoid the congestion tomorrow.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: “I think the NATO meeting happening here is a joke.

“The amount of bother police have been put to and the amount of diversions that are in place for a meeting that is just a few hours is unbelievable.

“I think in terms of traffic people will be going around the roads trying to get through, which I think will cause a lot more pollution.”

A huge security operation for the NATO meeting is already in place, with police and stewards patrolling the hotel and grounds.

Fencing has been erected along Langleybury Lane and motorcycle police have been riding along nearby roads.

Officers have also been stationed at entrances to The Grove.

Roads, canal paths, and footpaths are all being shut off as part of the security operation with a wide cordon in place.