The Liberal Democrats’ has accused a Labour candidate of not being truthful about where he lives.

In a candidate profile published in the Watford Observer on November 21, Chris Ostrowski, who is fighting to become the Labour MP in Watford, suggested he lives in Watford.

But Lib Dem councillor Stephen Giles- Medhurst says it is “not true” based on the candidate nominations and the address on the ballot paper.

Mr Ostrowski, who lives in Scottswood Road, technically lives within the Hertsmere constituency, but he lives right on the Hertsmere/Watford border.

Mr Giles-Medhurst said: “At a BBC 3 Counties Radio hustings he admitted that he did not live in Watford and could not vote for himself.

“Whilst it may not matter where a candidate lives it's deeply upsetting for someone to claim ‘I live here’ implying in the Watford Observer it's Watford when it's just not true. It is this that brings politicians into disrepute.”

After the Observer took Mr Giles-Medhursts’ comments to Mr Ostrowski, the Labour candidate said: “My home address is Watford.

“It is on all the public notices and the ballot paper. There is nowhere else I’d rather live”.

Watford Observer:

The address on the Ballot paper