Voters will soon be making their final decision on who they would like to become their next MP.

Over the last few weeks, we have been publishing profiles for each parliamentary candidate, which explain why people should vote for them.

With just a few days to go until General Election polling day next Thursday (December 12), we have compiled a list of all the parliamentary candidates standing for Watford, South West Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead and Hertsmere constituencies:


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Chris Ostrowski – Labour

Watford Observer:

Mr Ostrowski said Watford has been a part of his family life for many years and claims he is the only one who can beat the Tories in the area.

He promises to end the years of Tory cuts in communities and says his party will invest in the local hospital, reduce NHS waiting lists, cut crime and improve education. He has also come out as a Remainer and says Labour will give voters a final say on Brexit.

Dean Russell – Conservative

Watford Observer:

Mr Russell said most of his family life has been centred in Watford.

The Tory candidate promised to implement the result of the 2016 referendum. He says he will also ensure the £400million for local hospitals is spent effectively, pressure London Northwestern Railway for improvements and fight for St Albans Road to have a GP surgery.

He added he will combat single-use plastic and focus on training mental health first aiders in schools and workplaces.

Ian Stotesbury – Liberal Democrats

Watford Observer:

Mr Stotesbury, an engineer, said he moved to Watford when his wife started working at Watford General.

He said he is passionate about tackling climate change and investing more in public services. His party has promised 20,000 new teachers and a huge investment in the NHS.

As a Remainer, Mr Stotesbury wants to stop Brexit so the government can focus on other issues.

With the Green Party standing aside this time, he is confident the Lib Dems will win in Watford.

Michael McGetrick – Social Democratic Party

Watford Observer:

Mr McGetrick said he was born and raised in Hertfordshire and has worked within the electronics sector.

He has also worked with charity Age UK, helping residents in sheltered accommodation.

His party's key policies are to leave the EU, lower immigration, build council houses and a create a National Care Service. He said the policies focus on social cohesion, and believes they will resonate strongly with the public.

South West Hertfordshire

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Ali Aklakul – Labour

Watford Observer:

Mr Aklakul said he is a socialist from a working class background.

He said he had to leave school at 16 to support his family and has worked in the catering and distribution industries.

He said his party is offering a solution to Brexit which includes everyone. It promises to negotiate a deal which protects workers' rights, the British industry and British jobs.

The party promises to build more homes, ensure affordable homes, nationalise rail services and invest in green public transport.

Gagan Mohindra – Conservative

Watford Observer:

Mr Mohindra said his party is dedicated to getting Brexit done in January, so the government can move onto focusing on national issues, such as providing 20,000 extra police, putting £33.9 billion extra funding into the NHS and increasing school funding per pupil.

He said he will also lobby for the rollout of super-fast broadband, encourage business rate reform, and support developments which provide affordable homes without ruining the character of picturesque towns and villages.

Sally Symington – Liberal Democrats

Watford Observer:

Ms Symington said the Lib Dems have a strong base of support across the constituency.

She said Boris Johnson has called the General Election because he has failed to bring a solution to Brexit.

She stands for to implementing climate-conscious infrastructure investment, building more affordable houses, supporting small business growth, and securing funding for schools and healthcare.

She said the country needs to remain in the EU to grow its economy, finance public services and end austerity.

Tom Pashby – Green Party

Watford Observer:

Mr Pashley, from Croxley, went to Rickmansworth school and has lived in the area for more than 20 years.

He said last year, his campaigning helped residents in Rickmansworth take action on pollution and road safety.

Having studied environmental science at university and worked in sustainable energy and climate-focused policy, he says he will take the climate emergency seriously.

He hopes to heal the wounds from a decade of austerity and to campaign for remain.

David Gauke – Independent

Watford Observer:

Mr Gauke, who has been South West Herts MP for 14 years, hopes to hold on to his seat after being expelled from the Conservative Party.

He hopes to reinstate plans to extend Metropolitan Line to Watford and press authorities to boost services.

Mr Gauke campaigned for Remain in 2016 and believes Boris Johnson’s approach will lead to a no deal Brexit. He says the only way forward is to offer people a choice and he will campaign for Remain.

Hemel Hempstead

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Nabila Ahmed – Labour

Watford Observer:

Ms Ahmed says her party will fully fund the NHS, usher in a Green Industrial Revolution which will create 400,000 jobs and properly fund public services. Labour will also introduce a £10 an hour minimum wage and build 1 million new homes over the next five years, half of which will be council homes.

She added plans to renovate Watford General Hospital are inadequate and Labour will support a new hospital.

Mike Penning – Conservative

Watford Observer:

The Hemel Hempstead MP who is hoping to retain his seat said the key issues are Brexit, climate change and the hospital.

He supports Boris Johnson's deal and wants to move on to negotiating the UK's long-term relationship with the EU.

He said the Tories will introduce new laws to commit the UK to net zero emissions by 2050.

He welcomed the money for West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust but said he supports a new hospital.

Sammy Barry – Liberal Democrats

Watford Observer:

Ms Barry describes herself as a "Hemel girl, born and bred".

As a youth worker, she says she sees how cuts to local services have hardest those who need help the most.

She is calling for faster and better access to mental health support, better youth services, boosting the business sector in Hemel, and encouraging green practices (e.g. EV charging points, better public transport, eco-friendly construction and protection of green spaces).

Sherief Mamoun Hassan – Green Party

Watford Observer:

Mr Hassan has lived and worked in Hemel Hempstead for over 20 years.

He volunteers with Radio Dacorum, serves as a child protection officer at Boxmoor Playhouse, is on the committee of the Halsey Field Local Wildlife Site, and has served as the teaching and learning governor at Potten End School for five years.

He said the target of 2050 to be carbon neutral is a "denial of the serious situation". He said his party will revive in public transport systems and fix the NHS.


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Holly Kal-Weiss - Labour

Watford Observer:

Ms Kal-Weiss has been a campaigner for Barnet’s homeless residents and has worked with faith communities to build cooperation and understanding.

She said Leave or Remain, Hertsmere needs someone who believes passionately the community is at its best when we work together.

Labour’s Brexit position will give everyone the opportunity to confirm the withdrawal agreement, she said.

Ms Kal-Weiss added: "I pledge to develop efficient public transport, protect our NHS, deliver well-resourced schools, a clean environment that protects green belt land, and truly affordable housing."

Oliver Dowden - Conservative

Watford Observer:

Mr Dowden, who grew up around Radlett, is hoping to retain his Hertsmere seat.

As MP, he said he has helped to secure major upgrades at Elstree and Borehamwood Station, the Oyster system to Radlett, compensation for people hit by rail disruption, a new primary school for Borehamwood and £400 million to overhaul Watford General Hospital.

He said he voted Remain but wishes to deliver the 2016 referendum outcome. He is backing Boris Johnson's deal so "we get Brexit done and move on".

Stephen Barrett - Lib Dem

Watford Observer:

Mr Barrett said he believes "politics shouldn’t be about offering the moon without knowing where the money is coming from".

He said the Lib Dems will stop Brexit and invest the £50 billion Remain bonus in schools and tackling inequality.

As school business leader, he said schools need what the Lib Dems promise: 20,000 more teachers as part of an extra £10 billion a year for education.

He added his party will focus on renewable energy by insulating homes and by planting 60 million trees a year.

John Humphries - Green

Watford Observer:

Mr Humphries has lived in Shenley for more than 25 years.

He said after ten years of austerity, there are many human issues that need attention: having sufficient money through fairly paid work, or a social safety-net, such as a universal basic income; building much-needed homes, the infrastructure to support these new and existing communities; faster access to healthcare; affordable childcare; revitalising high streets; protecting the environment from over-development and improving green spaces.