CCTV captured serial rapist Joseph McCann at a hotel in Watford minutes before he was struck over the head with a vodka bottle.

McCann, 34, was found guilty at the Old Bailey today of a string of rapes and kidnaps after a horrifying two-week spree which began in Watford and ended in Cheshire earlier this year.

McCann had already kidnapped a 21-year-old woman in Hagden Lane at knifepoint as she walked home from Pryzm in the early hours of April 21 before raping her, when he abducted two further women in London on April 25.

Convicted burglar McCann snatched a 25-year-old woman seconds from her front door in Walthamstow and a 21-year-old who was walking home with her sister in Edgware later the same day.

Joseph McCann

While in his car, both women were raped repeatedly and forced to carry out sexual acts on each other.

McCann drove to Watford where he left his two victims in the car and tried to book a hotel room at the Phoenix Lodge in St Albans Road.

Dressed in grey, with a black cap on, McCann can be seen knocking on the window in the hotel entrance shouting 'Hello'.

Watch CCTV footage released by the Met of McCann at the Phoenix Lodge

Watford Observer:

McCann walks into Phoenix Lodge leaving his victims in his car in Osborne Road. Credit: Met Police

Watford Observer:

He keeps the front door to the hotel wide open throughout the footage.

He appears to get more agitated, shouting 'hello' two more times, before seemingly returning to his two victims in nearby Osborne Road at 2.30pm.

It's at this moment, McCann was struck over the head with a vodka bottle he had ordered the women to buy a little earlier, and his two victims had an opportunity to escape.

One of the victims told jurors at the Old Bailey she was determined to survive and used her "logic" to seize her chance to incapacitate him.

The Met Police says McCann tried to force the two women back into the car but some builders came to their rescue, and so McCann sped away from the scene.

The women are then said to have sought help at Top Build, a building company in Sandown Road.

Police taped off Osborne Road at around 3pm that afternoon and forensic officers were spotted carrying out enquiries, with the Met Police confirming to the Watford Observer at the time the cordon was linked to a "possible abduction".

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Police cordon in Osborne Road

The next day, the Met confirmed two women had been abducted and raped and described the suspect as "white and of muscular build".

Detective Chief Inspector Katherine Goodwin, who led the case, said on April 26: "A number of active leads are being followed up urgently including reviewing CCTV footage and forensic analysis. We are also working closely with our colleagues in Hertfordshire."

Hertfordshire Constabulary increased its presence in North Watford as details of what had happened in Osborne Road spread across the community.

On April 28, the Met released an image of its prime suspect - McCann, pictured at the Phoenix Lodge, but his name was not released.

Watford Observer:

This image was released by the Met Police in April

On April 29, forensic officers dressed in blue suits were seen outside the Phoenix Lodge, but at the time, the Met did not confirm if it was linked to the hunt for the suspected multiple rapist.

Watford Observer:

A day later, Joseph McCann, from Harrow, was named as the suspected rapist wanted by police.