Urgent repairs have caused recent cancellations and postponements for shows at the Watford Colosseum.

Six acts and performances were cancelled in the space of four weeks due to “urgent repairs” between November 13 and December 11, leaving ticket holders and intended audiences angered by the cancellations.

Many cancellations made within this period were announced just days beforehand, or sometimes even on the same day, which proved to be a nuisance to anyone hoping to watch the scheduled performances.

Watford Colosseum released responses quickly after the cancellations, clarifying this is due to “urgent repair work” in the auditorium.

The Watford Observer has asked for further information as to what the repair work entailed, which will be clarified in a later statement which will be released in a few days by Watford Borough Council.

In the original statements released after the cancellations, Watford Colosseum wrote: “We have been taking daily advice and guidance from both the Watford Borough Council and specialists who are conducting the works.”

On November 13, an Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark show was cancelled, which the Colosseum announced was due to “unforeseen technical issues”.

One attendee expressed her disappointment to the sudden news on Twitter.

It was unclear whether these “technical issues” were related to the repairs made in the auditorium.

Watford Colosseum then confirmed via Twitter on November 15 that all performances scheduled up to and including November 22 would be postponed, which also involved Shiamak’s Winter Funk: Rhythm Nation scheduled for November 30.

In a statement about this published on the website of the Aakash Odedra Company, a dance class involved with Shiamak, it was said “the venue found structural movement to the ceiling of Watford Colosseum”.

In December, four shows were cancelled including acts from Rick Wakeman, Rob Beckett and Adam Kay.

One person claimed she was not told about the cancellation for the Rick Wakeman act, and wasted a journey travelling to Watford.

The Darkness gig for today (December 11) was also cancelled on December 6.

Refunds were issued for all cancelled events.

Watford Colosseum has confirmed that all events from December 12 are scheduled to go ahead and that Watford Borough Council will be issuing an official statement over the cancellations over the coming days.