Watford Conservatives have admitted they put up election boards that broke election law.

Labour spotted several boards had been put up around the town saying "Watford Conservatives" but did not have an imprint declaring the promoter and printer of their boards.

But a Conservative spokesperson said “it was an honest mistake” and was “rapidly resolved”.

They continued: "Our boards very clearly say Watford Conservatives. There was of course no intention to mislead anybody.

“The police are content that the issue had been fully resolved."

Watford Observer:

A board without the imprint (photo Mike Jackson)

Police had contacted Watford Conservatives to add in the imprints.

Under the Representation of People’s Act 1983, it states “an imprint is added to election material to show who is responsible for its production”.

It adds: “It helps to ensure that there is transparency about who is campaigning, and should therefore be clear and visible.”

Labour election agent Mike Jackson, who had reported the boards to the police, said: "The Conservatives have made a serious error. It is beggars belied that they didn't notice their error when they erected the boards.

“They, nor Boris Johnson, or anyone else is above the law. This is not the sort of behaviour you’d expect from the so-called party of law and order.”