A Conservative parliamentary candidate for Watford says he is "proud" to have run a "clean campaign" in Watford.

Dean Russell says he has "not been interested in bashing other candidates" during his General Election campaign to become the town's next MP.

Instead, he says, other parties have chosen to "pursue negative campaigns".

He says for example, the Watford Lib Dem and Labour parties have referred to previous occasions when he has stood as a candidate in Luton.

Watford Observer:

A Facebook post from the Lib Dems referring to Mr Russell's time in Luton

A Facebook post from Watford Labour, which also refers to Mr Russell's time in Luton

Mr Russell said: "Whilst other candidates may decide to use their social media, leaflets or other campaigning tools to bash other candidates, that truly is of no interest to me. I won't ever mention my opposition candidates names on anything I put out.

"Our job as candidates is to show the people of Watford why we are the candidate they should vote for, and that's exactly what I have tried to do.

"People are tired of personal attacks. They want positive politics. That's my politics."

Responding to Mr Russell's comments, both Labour candidate Chris Ostrowski and Lib Dem candidate Ian Stotesbury have pointed towards the positive aspects of their campaign.

Mr Ostrowski said: "Labour's campaign in Watford has been extraordinary. Every day, we have had hundreds of people join us and the positive energy has had an amazing impact on the town."

Mr Stotesbury said: "In this election campaign, I've made a positive case for why people should vote for me - to tackle climate change, invest in public services, and stop Brexit.

"In politics, it is important to often highlight strengths and weaknesses."