A former Watford Conservative campaign manager has called on Tory voters to back the Liberal Democrats in tomorrow’s General Election.

Dan Patterson says he has been a Conservative “all of his life” but says “only the Lib Dems can stop a disastrous Brexit”.

Mr Patterson, a former Conservative campaign manager in Watford, says he is backing Watford Lib Dem candidate Ian Stotesbury.

He said: “'I've been a Conservative all of my life and have run many election campaigns in Watford. This time I am urging voters to support the Liberal Democrats in Watford instead.

"It's clear that if you are a Conservative who does not trust Boris Johnson and want to stop a disastrous Brexit, that the Lib Dems are the only party you can support at this election.

“I've known Ian for a number of years. He lives in Watford with his wife Clare and he would make a fantastic local MP.”

Cllr Stotesbury said: “I'd like to thank Dan for his support at this election. I speak to many former Conservative voters who are supporting me this time to stop Boris Johnson's delivering a dangerous Brexit that would hurt our economy and cost jobs.”

Watford’s Conservative parliamentary candidate Dean Russell says it is “fine for Mr Patterson to voice his views” but revealed he has come across many Lib Dem voters in Watford who will be voting for him "because they believe in democracy" - referring to the result of the EU referendum.

Mr Russell added: “I’ve knocked on thousands of doors. I’ve been really astonished getting a lot of Lib Dems saying they believe in democracy and will be switching to me.

“I was in Stanborough ward and was speaking to a lifelong Lib Dem who will be voting for the Tories for the first time in their life. We are getting a lot of Labour voters on board too.

“It’s a race between us and Labour and I think the Lib Dems are seeing the reality of this.”

Labour candidate Chris Ostrowski has been contacted for his thoughts on Mr Patterson's comments.