A Liberal Democrat candidate believes his chances of securing the seat in Watford are over following the release of the broadcaster’s exit poll.

The ITV/BBC/Sky poll suggested that the Conservatives are on course to secure a majority of 368 seats, 42 more than the 326 needed for an absolute majority in the House of Commons.

Labour is predicted to win 191 seats, the Scottish National Party 55, Liberal Democrats 13, the Brexit Party none, Plaid Cymru three and Greens one.

Ian Stotesbury, who is standing as the Lib Dem candidate in the town, said the exit polls “are a surprise for everyone”.

He continued: “At the end of the day I stood up for what I believe in and my town so people voted for what they voted for.

"I haven’t won this seat in Watford but I have made a huge step forward for our town. I am really proud of the campaign we have run and am proud to go back and serve any way as a councillor."

Lib Dem Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said Brexit was "by far the biggest issue" in the election.

He continued: "I think many people voted for the Conservatives to get Brexit done.

"But actually this is only the start of the Brexit process and with a majority the Tories will still be negotiating for many years into future about Brexit.

"Brexit is not over and won't be with a Tory majority. I do think there is a danger that people who voted for the Conservatives might be frustrated that it won't be over in a few days or weeks."

Election agent for Watford Labour Mike Jackson added his party is "very disappointed" with the predictions of the exit poll released earlier tonight.

He continued: "I think the margin is such that we can say the Tories have won this election.

"I think certainly the appeal on Brexit was the deciding factor in the election. I think on policy issues the Tories lost the argument and were behind, but on the single issue of Brexit, saying that the job will be done, which won't be done due to years of negotioation ahead, that was the appeal.

"We certainly met some Labour voters when we were out and about who say they were always loyal to Labour but voted leave and wanted out of the EU."

Meanwhile, Gideon Benedyk, Watford Conservatives election agent, was “pleased” with the exit poll results.

He said: "Well obviously it is something we are very pleased with but as far as we are concerned we are going to wait until every last ballot paper has been counted and only then will we be confident and happy about the result."

Currently the count is taking place at Watford leisure centre to see who will be the next MP for the town.

It was revealed that there was a 70 per cent turnout of people who voted in Watford earlier this evening.

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