Missing from your correspondent’s letter (Austerity was a choice, K. Gannon, December 6) is the word ‘economics’.

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When a nation spends more than its income a period of enforced austerity is necessary to get back to solvency. Yet, despite the uncertainties of Brexit the UK has leapfrogged France into fifth place in terms of GDP.

After Brexit the UK must return to being an engineering and manufacturing economy. The late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s trust in banking and insurance proved disastrous because financiers continually lobbied government for favours, leading to the financial crash of 2007-8 from which the UK still suffers.

Without doubt the Common Market was good for the UK in the 20th Century, but when it changed into the undemocratic EU, the common people of England rebelled and in the 2016 referendum opted for Brexit.

The British have always performed best in competition in world markets and going forward the UK will not be restricted by an EU oligarchy which is anti-competitive and anti-entrepreneur.

Prosperity through increased trade with the wider world and not just EU countries will enrich everyone - post-Brexit. Get it done and fulfil the mandate of the British people in June 2016.

Ron Pearse

Nascot Street, Watford